The Garage Sale How-To Guide

Retail store shopping isn’t exactly my thing, but when it comes to garage sales, I could shop all day. I’ve been a die-hard garage sale goer for more than three decades, and more times than I care to confess, I’ve come home with a car fully loaded with second-hand bargains I couldn’t resist.

Anyone who buys too much stuff, whether it be from retail stores or someone’s garage, eventually ends up with way more than they need. Truth be told, I’ve been in that predicament regularly for about 25 years now and only through conscientious effort have I been able to keep all the excess junk from getting out of hand in my house. In order to help maintain the balance of stuff coming in with stuff going out I try to get rid of stuff I’m not using by having a blow-out, kick-butt garage sale every year or two.

Naturally, everyone who knows me knows I have a lot of experience running garage sales, so they often tap into my expertise when they have their own sales. And…because I’m a bit of a masochist when it comes to hard work that I don’t get paid for, I usually volunteer to help them. Next thing I know, I’m knee deep in their junk helping them do their sale.

From helping many others as well as running my own sales, I’ve become pretty proficient at it, building up my knowledge about what works and what doesn't. I’ve learned enough that I could write a book about the topic, so I did. My new book, “The Garage Sale How-To Guide” is full of tips and advice that I’ve been giving out for years to friends, acquaintances, and assorted relatives on the best way to pull off a successful sale.

If you’re planning your own garage sale, please consider buying a copy, either in print or e-version. Sorry, I can’t personally come and help everyone with their sales (even though everyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for doing that), but if you purchase a copy of my book, it will help you do for yourself what I would have done for you.