If you came to this site in recent weeks, you may have gotten a scary message that said something like, “This site suspended.” For some people, it was probably like high school all over again. For me, it was just one more thing in a string of craziness that happened since my new middle grade novel, Living at Langster Motel, was released. Sadly, there were some publishing glitches that took away from the excitement of the book’s initial release, but, as we all know, stuff happens. It took almost a month to iron out most of the glitches. The problems that I could fix I did, and the ones that were outside my control I had to channel my inner Elsa from Frozen to just, "Let It Go."
What happened with my website was that we recently changed website hosts, which meant my website,, had to be transferred from the old host to the new. Unfortunately, the emails demanding I confirm and verify the transfer all went to my spam folder and I never saw them (note to self: check spam folder more frequently). My site was down for a couple of days before I even realized it and then I spent several more days trying to figure out how to get it back up. I finally had to call in my technical expert, who figured out in ten minutes what I spent days trying to figure out.
Before my website went down, I was in the process of redesigning it, and that too is taking a long time because I’m designing it using CSS, which I know almost nothing about. When I do finally get my new site up and running, there will be little things about it that won’t be perfect since my limited CSS programming skills won’t allow me to change everything I want to without doing major harm to what I’ve already designed. Again, Elsa is singing in my head, "Let It Go."
If you were brave enough to come back to this site after seeing the scary suspension message, thank you for sticking it out with me.