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Living at Langster Motel

Thirteen-year-old Cali Jarvis isn’t really homeless. She just doesn’t live in a normal home. Instead, she lives in a single room with her mother and two sisters at Langster Motel. In addition to her family, there are plenty of other people who live at the motel, including way too many little kids, an assortment of parents, three high school kids, an old man, and just two 13-year-olds—Cali and her best friend Rivka. Living at Langster Motel is no vacation for anyone, but when you’re in middle school, it’s downright embarrassing.

When Cali and Rivka start school in the fall, Cali is determined to reinvent her life and change her image from being a nobody to being a somebody. She convinces Rivka that their ticket to popularity at their new school is to get in good with a group of popular girls, and Cali’s willing to do plenty to achieve that goal. The biggest challenge is to do it without anyone finding out where she and Rivka live.

Living at Langster Motel is a story about a young girl’s embarrassment about the place where she lives and her struggle to accept the unique community she is a part of.

The Garage Sale How-To Guide

Whether you're holding a garage sale for the first time or you've had sales in the past and they weren't profitable, this book offers plenty of practical advice to help make your next sale a success. Inside you will find tips on:
  • Efficient ways of gathering items to sell
  • Suggested prices for your garage sale merchandise
  • How and where to promote and advertise your sale to bring in customers
  • How to make effective signs that bring people to your sale
  • Setting up your displays to look appealing
  • Planning ahead to avoid the last minute chaos
  • Piggybacking other events
  • What to have on hand during a sale
  • Security measures you should take during your sale
  • Attention-getters to get people to stop at your sale
  • ...And More
The book offers straightforward information that will help you turn your next garage sale into an efficient, profitable endeavor.

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Tammy Rarities From Around The World

This 263 page reference guide featuring Ideal’s Tammy doll includes over 1,000 color photos of seldom-seen Tammy items made for the U.S. and foreign markets.

Japanese-made dolls, clothing, and accessories, Brazilian Susi dolls, Hong Kong-made Tammy dolls and clothing, Japan's Scarlet doll, Fab-Lu’s Randy, and many little-known Tammy competitors are just some of what you can expect to find in this jammed-packed, informational reference guide.

Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s
Volume I

Published in 2000, this 272 page soft cover book contains over 600 color photographs of dolls that were sold in the 1960s and 1970s. The book features many of the popular dolls from this era such as Chatty Cathy, Patti Playpal, Barbie, Liddle Kiddles, Crissy, Flatsys, Dawn, Rockflowers, Tammy, Shirley Temple, Tiny Tears, Tressy, Thumbelina, Mrs. Beasley, Penny Brite, Blythe, Remco's Pocketbook dolls, celebrity dolls and many others.

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Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s
 Volume II
This 2004 book features all new photographs and many dolls not covered in the first book. Dolls featured include Barbie‚ Blythe‚ Betsy McCall, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, Sears exclusive Mini Martians‚ Thumbelina‚ Liddle Kiddles‚ Tressy‚ Tammy‚ Peteena‚ celebrity dolls‚ pull-string talking dolls‚ battery-operated walking dolls‚ and many more. Dolls from all the major toy companies are covered - Madame Alexander‚ Deluxe Reading‚ Hasbro‚ Horsman‚ Ideal‚ Kenner‚ Mattel‚ Remco‚ Shindana‚ Uneeda‚ and Vogue.

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Collector's Guide to Tammy, the Ideal Teen 

Collector's Guide to Tammy is out-of-print and hard to find but copies are sometimes for sale on Amazon or ebay. 


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