It's Official: My Book Is Out

This past weekend my fourth doll book, Tammy Rarities From Around The World, made it’s publishing debut. Thanks to a group of generous, dedicated, doll collecting friends, the book was featured at the Tammy Collectors’ Convention in Chicago. The book received much fanfare at the convention, and even the theme of the convention centered around the book. As an author, it doesn’t get much better than that unless you happen to get a call while you’re at the convention saying your book just hit the New York Time’s Bestseller’s List…but…oh well…maybe next year...  

There were many things that happened this past weekend that touched me, but there were two things that especially amazed me and caused my head to swell just enough that I had to poke it a few times to stay grounded. One of those things was gushing comments made by a Tammy collector about the new book. Listening to her tell me how the book turned things around for her at a point in her life when she really needed it wasn’t just an ego booster, but it also humbled me to know the book had such a positive impact on someone. The other thing that really touched me was when one of the convention attendees came up to me with all four of my books and asked if I could sign them for her. Later, she told that I was like a rock star to her and how thrilled she was to meet me. Hearing someone say something like that totally blew me away. Both these people, as well as many others I spoke to this weekend, made me appreciate the fact that as a writer you can touch people’s lives--hopefully, in a positive way.

I can’t thank the chairpersons of the convention enough for all they did to honor my co-author and me at the convention this past weekend. I also am indebted to many of the convention attendees, some who have been following the journey of this book since I first started work on it, which now seems like a million years ago. Without their constant encouragement (and yup, sometimes nagging), I might have abandoned the idea for the book. Many of them also contributed photos to the book, and without their help and contributions, the book would not have been what it is. Of course, a big thank you goes to my co-author who came to my aid at a time when the book looked like it would never get published. She gave the project a jump start when it needed it, and added so much to the book since coming on board.  

I’m still catching up on much needed sleep from the wonderful convention weekend. I'm also keeping the phones lines open, just in case the New York Times wants to call to congratulate me for making their bestseller’s list.
Hey, it could happen!

*convention logo by Dal Lowenbein--who also helped design the cover of the Tammy Rarities book


CatwomanofV said...

I am so happy for you. The world loves you. And I'm sure the New York Times will call. ;-)

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Congratulations on publishing your most recent book! Is Black Tammy (Grown-Up Tammy) or any other dark-skinned Tammy family members or Tammy-type dolls included in your book?


Cindy said...

Hi dbg,

The black Tammy is shown in the book, but of course they were sold in so few numbers and limited variety so consequently there isn´t a lot of coverage in the book. We show a black Susi doll--the Brazilian version of Tammy, as well as a ¨morena¨Susi which is a darker skin doll but not quite black--more Hispanic. We also show a few black clone dolls.

I wish there had been more black versions of Tammy to include in the book. Most countries where Tammy was sold never issued her in black, and in the US the black doll unfortunately was very short lived.

Jen said...

I love this book! I purchased a copy and was blown away by all the photos and information in it. Thank you for all your hard work writing it.

dalsdolls said...

I am still perusing the book and am surprised by all the photos and info even though my copy arrived almost year ago! Congrats to you and Rebecca for all the hard work!