Readers Great and Small

My doll reference books are primarily geared towards adult collectors, but over the years, some moms have shared photos or stories with me about how their young children have enjoyed my books as well. Two weeks ago while attending the Tammy Collector's Convention I got to witness a child in action enjoying my books. Here is seven-year old Sage getting her first look at "The Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s": 

Sage’s Mom and I have been online, long-distance friends for more than a dozen years. The first time her mom and I met in person was at a large doll show and flea market. Neither of us knew the other would be at the show, and Sage’s mom actually picked me out in a crowd of a zillion people, recognizing me only from earlier photos she had seen of me.

That first meeting, Sage was just a bulge in her mom’s belly, and the second time we met, Sage was still a baby. This was only the third time I got to meet Sage in person, but I feel like I know her intimately since she’s practically a youtube star. She’s bright and articulate, and would give a younger Dakota Fanning a run for her money if Sage’s mom ever decides to put her in showbiz.

Here is one of my favorite youtube videos of Sage back when she just turned four telling the story of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Part 1
Part 2:
Part 3:

Check out some of her other youtube videos and let me know if you fall in love with her sweet little voice and adorable personality the way I did. Knowing this young collector-in-training is now a fan of my doll books is one of the wonderful fringe benefits of being an author.


Matthew MacNish said...

Wow. There are no words for how cool this is.

Maeve Frazier said...

It really is cool! - I like your blog!

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to see a child being raised with dolls and Dr. Seuss.
Congratulations on another wonderful trip down memory lane Cindy.


Sandra Riffero said...

Sage is a precious little sweetie and now that she has that little still my heart! <3

Cindy said...

Yes, she is a sweetie for sure.